Dental Crowns

Another popular dental restoration is CROWN. It is a fixed prosthetic device used to completely cover and prevent teeth from undergoing further decay and restore teeth’s health by improving the strength and appearance of teeth.

Crowns are made from all-ceramic, all-metal, or ceramic fused with metal:

All-ceramic crown is mostly recommended for front tooth restoration because of the life-like translucent property of this type of crown, it provides cosmetically pleasing result.

All-metal crown. This type of crown is made entirely out of metal like gold, silver, etc. This type of crown is best used to back teeth or molars where there is a need for greater strength and lesser concern for esthetics.

Ceramic Fused to Metal Crown. Due to the added strength provided by the metal inner core, metal based ceramic crown is the best choice for back tooth in order to withstand the pressure from chewing but is still aesthetically pleasing as the outer part of the crown mimics the same color of the surrounding natural teeth.

All-resin crown. This type of crown is made from composite material similar to material used for white fillings. This crown is used for front teeth only as it is not as strong as the other materials.

Uses of Dental Crowns

  • Prevent teeth from further weakening and breaking
  • Restore fractured tooth
  • Crown a dental implant
  • Restore teeth with large holes when dental filling is no longer possible.
  • Crown tooth that has undergone root canal treatment
  • To form part of a dental bridge
  • improve appearance of discolored tooth
  • Reshapes tooth
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